2003 Winners

Dillison Malinsky: Untitled (from The Four White Boxes series)

Alberta Winner

Dillison Malinsky

University of Lethbridge

Untitled (from The Four White Boxes series)

woodblock print on paper, 56 x 76 cm; 22 x 30 in

Janet Kaszonyi: Halfbreed

British Columbia Winner

Janet Kaszonyi

University College of the Fraser Valley


acrylic on canvas, 183 x 122 cm; 72 x 48 in

Travis Lycar: Kitchen Clean

Manitoba Winner

Travis Lycar

University of Manitoba

Kitchen Clean

oil on canvas, 132 x 160 cm; 52 x 63 in

Natalie Woyzbun: Tommy and the Twins

New Brunswick Winner

Natalie Woyzbun

Mount Allison University

Tommy and the Twins

mixed media on fabric, 81 x 58 cm; 32 x 23 in

Shirley Greer: Ironies – Dress

Newfoundland and Labrador Winner

Shirley Greer

Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, Memorial University


softground etching on paper, 69 x 81 cm; 27 x 32 in

Janet Grandjambe: The Sahtu and Beaufort Delta Meet Sealskin Mukluks

Northwest Territories Winner

Janet Grandjambe

Aurora College

The Sahtu and Beaufort Delta Meet Sealskin Mukluks

mixed media, 33 x 24 cm; 13 x 9.5 in

Allison Honeycutt: Hat Trapeze

Nova Scotia Winner

Allison Honeycutt

Nova Scotia College of Art & Design

Hat Trapeze

mixed media on paper, 147 x 183 cm; 58 x 72 in

Serapio Ittusardjuat: Ravens Snow Dance

Nunavut Winner

Serapio Ittusardjuat

Nunavut Arctic College

Ravens Snow Dance

linocut print on paper, 41 x 56 cm; 16 x 22 in

Leif Raiha: Trailer Park Autumn

Ontario Winner

Leif Raiha

Sheridan College & The University of Toronto

Trailer Park Autumn

gouache on offset lithographic reproductions, 15 pieces, each: 13 x 18 cm; 5 x 7 in

Lisa Murphy: CLICK

Prince Edward Island Winner

Lisa Murphy

Holland College


digital colour photograph on paper, 25 x 20 cm; 10 x 8 in

Dawit Petros: Loungin’ at the Oasis — Transliteration

Québec Winner

Dawit Petros

Concordia University

Loungin’ at the Oasis—Transliteration

colour photographic print on paper, 76 x 102 cm; 30 x 40 in

Robert Bos: Family Photographs: Fracture

Saskatchewan Winner

Robert Bos

University of Regina

Family Photographs: Fracture

oil on canvas, 178 x 269 cm; 70 x 106 in

Priscilla Clarkin: Untitled

Yukon Territory Winner

Priscilla Clarkin

Klondike Institute of Arts & Culture


black and white pinhole photograph on paper, 41 x 51 cm; 16 x 20 in

2003 Exhibition

First Canadian Place Gallery
100 King Street West, Toronto
September 30 to October 17, 2003

2003–2007 Selection Committee

  • David Blackwood
  • Jessica Bradley
  • Gary Michael Dault
  • Barbara Fischer
  • Anna Hudson
  • David Liss
  • Landon MacKenzie
  • Aaron Milrad
  • Melanie O’Brian
  • Gilles Ouellette
  • Joanne Tod
  • Michel Viau
  • Marshall Webb
  • Dawn Cain